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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions from our clients. We have provided an answer just below the question.

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Frequently asked questions

Custom Seat Covers are made using a specific pattern (measurements) for your vehicle. Custom Seat Covers are made to fit exactly and allow all Original Seat functions like moving, folding, split seats, sport seats, Isofix openings, Airbags, etc.

Premium hand made tailor fit covers. Specifically made to order. Waiting time is 4-6 working weeks normally and is estimated and will vary depending on the order difficulty and the amount of order while the new order is placed. Please allow time to make and the quality is guaranteed ! Thank you

Custom Seat Cover cost depends on vehicles Brand, Model, Year of Production and Seat Quantity.

We accept Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard), Cash, PayPal, Cheques, Money orders. To pay with PayPal, Cheques or Money Orders, contact by phone or email and we will calculate the total cost.

We make Seat Covers for most Cars, Vans, MPVs, Minibuses, and Trucks. Our database goes back to older models to brand new vehicles this year. With questions of any other type of vehicle please send us an email to info@seatcovers.ie

If your vehicle is new and we do not have the pattern, please contact us and we will find the vehicle and make the covers to fit.

If you have a Classic Vehicle, please check out our Car List. These vehicles are rare and might not be available and we specialize in modern cars.

Unfortunately these types of seats are too difficult due to their shape and Custom Covers cannot be made.

  • Driver and passenger seats
  • Pockets on front seats (if needed)
  • Headrests (if any, availability depends on make and model)
  • Armrests (if any, availability depends on make and model)
  • Back panel (split or one piece)
  • Rear bottom (divided or one piece)
  • Airbag support
  • Custom is a guaranteed fit and will have the fabric of your choice on the seats. It is the best looking and highest quality Seat Cover available. We offer only Custom Made Covers. Universal covers are one size covers which will many models and will be loose. They are not made for any specific vehicle. There are no guarantees how well it will fit.

    The manufacturer defect 2 years warranty as standard. It does not cover normal wear and tear. We will inspect accept the return for the badly manufactured part and replace it free of charge. Please inquire if you have any questions. Our email is info@seatcovers.ie and we will aim to respond as quickly as possible.

    We fitted thousands of vehicles to this date and we guarantee the quality of service. The covers are fitted (dragged, pulled) over the existing fabric on seats and are mounted rubber straps and Velcro. Fittings are attached under the seats and are not seen after installation. The covers will look like seats after fitting. Please email to info@seatcovers.ie or call my mobile 086 365 4615 if you need assistance fitting your product.

    If your vehicle has side airbags we will have an allowance in your seat covers to accommodate the side airbag. The special thread is inserted when making Custom Covers and allows airbags to work. All airbags will work with our covers unless airbag mechanism is faulty.

    It takes approximately 1 hour to fit most Cars, Vans, and Trucks. 2 hours for most MPV’s 7 seats and 2-3 hours for the Minibuses 9 seats. Time might vary depending on vehicle’s brand.

    The Custom Covers will be delivered to you free of charge nationwide in Ireland. Delivery is available throughout EU, please inquire for shipping cost. Our email is info@seatcovers.ie and we will aim to respond as quickly as possible.

    Please bring your vehicle to the address below and the product will be fitted professionally. Unit 229, Blanchardstown Corporate Park 2, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15, Ireland

    Due to the nature of the product, Custom Covers, unfortunately, cannot be returned. These Seat Covers are made from scratch as the orders are placed. We build the covers specifically for you and your vehicles year, make, model, seat style from the fabric of your choice, and in the color you select. If your covers do not fit we will make the necessary alterations free of charge and refit them if necessary.